Illustration major at SCAD Praise God <3





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Happy Easter, everyone!

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The ornamental eyes for my correct wire project.

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Drawing some different chinese lion designs for fuuuun.

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30 sec and 1 min gestures followed by an 80 MINUTE drawing.

the model had a really cool ship-getting-destroyed tattoo on his chest with crashing waves and stuff. Apparently, he did all of his tattoos himself. Impressive.

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A chinese lion sketch that’s inspiration for my next 3D project. So excited!

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My first 3D Design project!

"Wow, it’s so cool!" -potentially everyone

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Some more stuff from Life Drawing of Thursday.

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Mugs, rugs, clugs clocks, and more!

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I’m really enjoying this hat, guys.

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The model today had some really sweet poses. He even brought in a bow staff and katana.

Here’s some 30 sec, 1 min, and 20 min.

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Wow I’ve made it to 100! Finally! Wow wow wow such excite!!

Thank you so much to all of the followers who’ve stuck with me so far! I hope you continue with me into the futurrrre!

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Here’s my Drawing II final from last quarter! I titled it Sleep Beckons because I’m on the computer a lot even though I want to go to sleep. Hahaha.

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A bunch of 1 min gestures I did in Life Drawing and then two 20 min and a 15 min.

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I saw some bricks that looked like a calico cat so I took a photo and drew a cat for it!

Also, I used a photo of the sky for its eyes.

Wow. Cats. Cute. Meow.

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For my final in Color Theory, I had to make a seven page series on the meanings of one color. I picked orange for this project and made my boyfriend a cutie patootie book about us in the process! It was a secret, though, and he just got it today so now I can finally share it.

I totally love how it turned out!! <3 <3